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Levi’s Anti-Fit Fall campaign

on September 3, 2004 by Martina Comments

Levi’s� Europe launches the digital part of the 501� with Anti-Fit Fall campaign which incorporates TV, Print, OOH, Cinema, and Retail. The 501� with Anti-Fit message has been promoted online throughout the year through continuously enhanced content and features, across a variety of digital channels, across Europe. This second phase marks a shift in content approach: from giving users cute, cool, and quick experiences in the form of use-once-and-throw-away little games and widgets, the content will now be expanded with a focus on applications that enable greater interaction with the brand and between the users themselves, over a longer period of time (The Levis� Mobile Audio Mixer and the Levi’s� Video Mixer are part of the initiative – you can download both at To further support the 501� jean with Anti-fit proposition, of course sports an entirely refreshed 501� section, designed with a visually strong style as original as the product it promotes. The digital campaign has been developed by Lateral, whose chairman, Jon Bains, comments:

“We’ve entered a new phase of our strategy. Not only is the application approach congruent with the Levi’s� ethos, but, when brand building online, applications like the vmx and the max are relevant, fun, talkable and more interesting because they’re simply more useful for the audience”.

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