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Advertiser, don’t be late

on August 9, 2005 by Martina Comments

In the UK, the Association of Online Publishers is considering to start charging penalties to advertisers who deliver late copy. The association will meet next month to work on a series of guidelines for advertisers. It complains that in many cases the ads are delivered not just “late”, but even after the campaign was due to launch. Many publishers agree a “use it or lose it” policy would be the best solution. Giuseppe Troisi, chair of the working group and consultant to GCap Media, commented:

“AOP is a group of premium media owners; our content is premium and therefore our inventory is at a premium. Late copy and its possible knock-on effect to all commercial partners puts undue pressure on our ability to meet our own high standards in delivery, customer service and trafficking, which on a larger scale can reflect poorly on what is a dynamic and successful medium.”

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