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Audi runs PDA campaign

on March 23, 2004 by Martina Comments

Wireless marketing is not only about mobile phones, sometimes I tend to forget it, considering the situation in Europe. This press release reminds me that PDA in the US might play an important role in a wireless marketing strategy. Audi USA has partnered with AvantGo to sponsor the College Hoops Channel and raise its brand visibility among 24-54 year-old technology-savvy. Mary Ann Wilson Audi National Advertising Manager says: “We believe AvantGo users share many of the values inherent in the Audi brand, making the College Hoops Channel an exciting way for us to reach a highly desirable demographic. The innovative medium, coupled with the opportunity to help consumers enjoy the excitement of the NCAA Division I tournament made this sponsorship the right match for Audi.”

I particularly enjoyed the conclusion of the press release, in which AvantGo comes up with a sort of “mobile marketing manifesto” saying that “Using the AvantGo service, companies such as Audi can build brand awareness, acquire new customers, reduce customer care costs and generate incremental revenue through customized, interactive advertising, media and marketing campaigns designed for mobile users”. Mobile Marketing? The sky is the limit!

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