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Dove, old yet still sexy but not sincere

on February 12, 2007 by Martina Comments

Dove continues its campaign for Real Beauty launching a new series of ads dedicated to women in their fifties. The campaign is called Pro Age and aims at generating the same level of buzz of the previous effort with this approach. This time Dove decided to challenge the common view of ageing. As a woman I surely appreciate this approach to communication, however this time I feel it isn’t as sincere as in the campaign with size 32/33 women. The Pro Age site features a wide section dedicated to “Join the debage” starting from the question “can a woman be beautiful ad any age?”. Well, as in the case of virals (where you can’t send out a press release saying “we’ve launched a viral”, because it’s the audience who will decide if that video is really a word of mouth driver) I don’t think you can launch a campaign and immediately state “this is a controversial ad, what do you think”. So I’ve found so fake and irrealistic the twist they’ve decided to give to the campaign… there’s even a competition (!!!) “Tell us what beauty after 40 means to you and help us show society that your later years can be the best ones. You could appear in a new campaign for Dove Pro Age products.“. Well, if I think about it a little bit more I don’t know why I’m so annoyed. After all, it’s advertising. It’s not supposed to be sincere…

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