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The Good Food Fight experience

on September 27, 2007 by Martina Comments

Can edutainment teach Americans (and not only them) how to eat properly? I don’t know whether The Good Food Fight is going to achieve its educational purpose, but the whole thing is amusing and, what interests me more, comes up with an innovative interactive experience. I would say it’s a video advergame, extremely well conceived and developed, with a touch of surprise effect that takes interactivity a step further than usual. Looking at the old lady running and jumping through the site interface is fun, even if hitting her with the food isn’t as easy as it might seem… Unfortunately even if the gaming experience is good, the site is disappointing in the way it delivers the nutritional information. At the end of the game what you get is only a (not so clear) link to the recipe on another site. The game is completely stand alone and doesn’t feature any tip on how to improve your nutrition (not even in the game itself). So in the end this project ends up being a nice exercise in entertainment and a poor example of online communication… too bad!

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What about branded edutainment?

on March 10, 2004 by Martina Comments

Shanks Group, a waste management company based in the UK has launched an edutainment game to explain children the advantages of recycling. The Re-Cycler game, developed by Tamar is accessible from the homepage and features a cartoon character which engages children to recycle differentiating between organic, glass and metal waste. It’s an excellent idea of branded edutainment (or branded edugames). I believe more companies, especially the ones interested in the promotion of ethical issues, should seriously consider such initiatives to engage and teach children.

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