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Volksdragon, riders wanted

on March 15, 2007 by Martina Comments

20th Century Fox has just launched a mini-site to promote the release on DVD of the movie Eragon. As in the Nokia example a few days ago, they’ve decided to take a surreal & ironic communication approach. The site is called Volksdragon, and has the apparent goal of marketing and presenting a new and unusual transportation mean: a dragon. Even if the shapes reminds that of the New Beetle, the dragon is the real (!!) product advertised on the site: it can be customized in colors and also offers a wide selection of optional gadgets. Before making your purchase you can customize the dragon, and select the paint scheme you prefer, the stereo system you want on board etc… Below you see how my model looks like… Red, with a very comfortable seat and a huge sound system… A brilliant idea for 20th Century Fox, an amusing experience for the visitors and a great product placement for Volkswagen. Looks like everybody will be happy The agency behind Volksdragon is Fuel Industries.

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