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Fineco, online marketing the poor way

on November 11, 2005 by Martina Comments

Italian online bank Fineco has just kicked off an Internet campaign asking users “what’s your excuse not to have Fineco?“. Fnac already launched the “excuses” a few months ago in France; what’s the incentive for users to submit their excuses? there is no prize to win nor any other advantage is offered; where is the call to action? what’s the campaign goal? after submitting the excuse nothing happens, users aren’t invited ask for more info on the banking service, nor they are taken to a sign-up page, there is just a “Discover the advantages” on the top of the top right of the page, far away from where you click/look for the excuse.. Sorry for the nasty comments, but once again I’m disappointed by the way online marketing is done in Italy. This campaign from Fineco is a waste of money. Please, don’t tell me their goal is just branding. Branding cannot be your only goal, especially when you’re selling online services.

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Two campaigns for Olà

on February 24, 2005 by Martina Comments

Italian ISP has launched an online campaign to promote its new ADSL offer. The creativity is by Olà, the planning is by Media Italia, with dhtml, screen-ad, pop-under and banners running among the others on, Msn and Mtv. Earlier this month Olà has also created a series of ads for the online bank Fineco, running on the main Italian portals since February 14. The online efforts supports a multi-channel campaign with Tv spots, print and radio ads.

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