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Online advertisers running more global campaigns

on July 12, 2005 by Martina Comments

If the Internet is everywhere and allows you to reach customers and prospects from Alaska to Andorra (guess where this country is , why should a brand limit its marketing efforts to the US? The globalization of digital marketing isn’t something new but, as ClickZ reports, now it’s becoming the rule, no longer the exception. The article quotes Andy Chen, interactive media director at Carat International, who explains their clients are increasingly looking to expand their interactive efforts overseas. The approach they follow is “think globally, act locally”, and agencies need to be ready to follow or, better, lead, their clients in the discovery of new interactive markets. Among the agencies expanding their operations in other countries, we recently heard of Dare Digital that should be about to open an office in New York City, or R/GA which is following the inverse path, looking forward to start working in London. A part from Europe which might appear very attractive to US advertisers, China is absolutely the market to follow. For example, UK agency Panlogic has decided to open branch offices in Shanghai and Beijing.

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