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Nokia Music Almighty (monsters)

on August 23, 2008 by Martina Comments

WK London and Firstborn have created a scary monsters generator for Nokia. As part of the Music Almighty campaign, the site allows visitors to pick their favourite music genre and then transform themselves in one of the weird characters called Electro Blipper, Table Turnin’ Hopper, Animal Rocker, Pink Popper and Philarmaniac.

You can upload your own photo, play with the control levers and… become someone (or something) weird. For example, you can admire me in an Electro Blipper version… More or less it’s a revised (not necessarily) improved version of Elf Yourself, but the music tracks are pretty cool, and the illustration of the print campaign were beautiful, so we can excuse the lack of originality. Actually, once you’ve created your avatar you can also rap a song and upload it as well, to finish the creation of your virtual singing Frankenstein. But it takes time and, most of all, motivation. via

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