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Heineken meets Google (again)

on March 30, 2006 by Mark Comments

Heineken Netherlands once again hooks up with Google to promote their new product Tapvat (Draught Keg). This time Google Maps is integrated in the Tapvat World Tour 2006 campaign. Visitors are challenged to search the world for gigs from Dutch live band Voicst using satellite maps. A radio signal leads them to the right spot. In 2005 Heineken also coorporated with Google for the introduction of Tapvat. In that campaign – Tapvat on Tour – Google Image Search was integrated as a personalized postcard generator, challenging visitors to find the most original destination to take along their Tapvat. Since this a campaign from my own agency Qi (I really had to share this one, sorry), I left my opinion behind. But I’m curious what you think..

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