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Explore Touch IE10/HTML5 Concept Project

on February 28, 2013 by Mark Comments

Fantasy Interactive have partnered with Microsoft to promote Internet Explorer 10 and touch browsing. Explore Touch, a site that lets consumers use touch gestures to mix audio files and create original sound tracks with the swipe of their fingers. The experience centers on an original sound track from singer, song-writer, and producer Blake Lewis.

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Contre Jour IE10 Experiment

on February 23, 2013 by Mark Comments

Loads of Chrome experiments have been coming through which are cool. Here is a IE10 experiment!!! WTF!! Using the game Contre Jour they say it is best used in IE10. Go figure? Does anyone actually use iE anymore? Whatever, here is the site. It is a little addictive once you get the handle of it Although I was browsing using Chrome I don’t have IE10.

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