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The C-Class experience

on July 19, 2007 by Martina Comments

I like the way Mercedes approached online communication to present its new C-Class model. Instead of focusing on performance, they decided to take more of a sensorial and aesthetic angle, creating an experience you might not expect from a brand usually so much focused on the reliability of its cars. Actually, on the site, the car is almost not present, as it’s all about indirectly presenting its characteristics through tiny interactive experiences with clicks and sounds. Even if I enjoy the idea of doing things in a different/unusual way, I believe that the product ends up being too disconnected from the Technicolor experience. It could be a nice branding exercise, but I rather see it as a missed opportunity to present the car with a 360 approach, not looking only at its performance and visible characteristics (as all car manufactures do), but also going into the “soul” of the car, mixing expectations and aspiration in consumers’ mind. The agency behind the project is Agency Republic.

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