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Putting wireless stats in context

on January 27, 2004 by Martina Comments

On W2Forum they’ve posted a news about worldwide mobile data subscribers (the original news is on Unstrung). It’s always interesting to read about these kind of stats, but I believe it would be even nicer to find out the cultural issues that influence markets’ differentiation. I don’t think technology is the only factor affecting the diversity between Europe, Asia and the US. We should also look at different media relevance in every country/continent (do people watch a lot of tv? do they read newspapers?), at the way people like to interact with each other (do they prefer written or oral communication? do they meet in public spaces?) and, for example, at how sex in regarded by the public opinion (is it strictly condamned by the religion? is there a liberal attitudine towards the issue?). Stats would be much more relevant, providing the cultural and social contest in which they have been collected. Does anyone know of such a study?

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