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Infotainment for Nestlé

on May 10, 2005 by Martina Comments

Nestlé has launched in Italy a new infotainment web site to promote healthy foods and, of course, its cereals brands. On visitors can find information to stay fit and beautiful, exploring three different sections: “Fitness&Relax”, “Beauty” and “Nutrition”. According to Pubblicità Italia, the site will be updated monthly. To tell the truth the site looks kind of poor, it’s just an online presence, nothing more, nothing less. No interactivity, no animations, just a plain, stupid test which can has been developed in five minutes. Just a few information and a graphics which looks nice at first sight (but only at first sight). I’m disappointed, I would have expected a smarter approach, there are thousand of things you can do online, Nestlé has just decided to take no risk, and invest no money. But what about the results? The site gives you no reason to visit it again…

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