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Volvo can be sexy and fun

on February 28, 2004 by Martina Comments

Next week Volvo will launch a new comprehensive advertising campaign to promote its S40 car targeting a youther consumer segment than usual. Volvo will change its communication approach to better address the target, taking inspiration for its ads from entertainment genres like music videos and video games. As explained in the press release, the marketing campaign is multi-faceted, covering television, movie theaters, magazines, billboards, the Internet, direct mail, partnerships with Virgin Megastores and Bloomingdale’s, and even video games. Thomas Andersson, VCNA Executive Vice President, Marketing at Volvo North America said:

“It’s not enough to just reach people with a campaign. We want to go beyond that and touch and move people as well. The campaign is surprising, refreshing and cool, yet reassuringly Volvo at the same time. The tone we are using is youthful and confident, but not arrogant. With this campaign we will show that Volvo can be sexy and fun.”

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