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The time traveller, great put-on or real?

on November 21, 2006 by Martina Comments

From Sweden a weird story or, maybe, a great campaign for insurance company AMF Pension… I tell you the story as I received it… Some months ago a guy called Håkan Nordkvist started a blog telling the world that he has met himself in the future. Since nobody believes him, the only way to prove was by start blogging. He also put an evidence on some movie sites, a film recorded with his mobile camera (watch it on Youtube). Some weeks later a director called Göran Ahlberg from Machine Films, contacted Håkan about the story. He was so fascinated that he wanted to make a documentary about it! And ofcourse he needed a sponsor for such project… so he contacted the pension company called AMF. On blogs people started to write more and more about this project… could this be for real? Did Håkan really travel in time? In Sweden, bloggers are debating around the issue. Unfortunately, most of the content is in Swedish, so we can’t say if the story is true or it’s just a fake. In any case, Martin from F&B sent me the link to the documentary broadcasted last week on TV. Watch it yourself and decide…

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