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Bluetooth marketing and privacy concerns

on July 22, 2005 by Martina Comments

Bluetooth marketing is a risky business, with the spam menace just around the corner. New Media Age has a good article on the privacy issues connected to the use of Bluetooth technology to deliver promotional messages. Big brands like Nokia and Volvo have started exploring this kind of communication which requires an initial (unsolicited) message from the advertiser to start the conversation. The problem is most of the people with enabled phones don’t know they can modify the status of their device to accept or refuse by default external communication with other mobiles located within 10 meters. Marketers are taking advantage of this lack of knowledge considering that anyone with the “fully discoverable” option turned on is open (and willing) to receive commercial messages. With the industry still in its infancy, the risk of spoiling with spam a promising business is very high. Regulations and industry standards are required ASAP.

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Reaching consumers with desktop advertising

on February 4, 2004 by Martina Comments

The strenght of online advertising is in the ability to deliver target messages to consumers. Presenting a consumer with an advertising message right on his desktop is the new dream of online marketers, as Scott Greenberg explains on iMediaConnection. Desktop Advertising Networks are joining the online marketing mix. Web site advertising typically delivers either a large, but untargeted audience, or a targeted but small audience, while the DAN can deliver both precision targeting and mass reach. DAN can be very powerful if understood and used properly, but at the moment marketer are rather skeptic and confused. Privacy is the main issue that raises concerns but relevance, timing and frequency of such an intrusive form of advertising play a role as well.

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