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Mary Stuart, a conspiration and an advergame

on October 17, 2006 by Martina Comments

It’s not the Da Vinci Code, but the mystery is probably as intriguing, since it’s based on the story of Mary Stuart. A give you a hint… the site is called Les Nuits des Clans at first sight it looks pretty cool and, yes, unfortunately it’s only in French… but let’s not stop here, language cannot (or should not) be a barrier to an interesting project… Basically, it looks like there is a secret organization based on the Marie Stuart ‘s life that organise every full moon nights, the the best parties, in the most hip places. The members of the Clan meet each other at those parties and the challenge in the game is to discover where the next party will be located. The enigma needs to be solved by investigating photographs of places throughout London. Not an extremely evolved nor innovative gaming interface, but surely engaging enough to take the challenge, considering the appeal a conspiration always has (almost by definition…).

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