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What’s the advertising model for RSS

on February 4, 2004 by Martina Comments

RSS is raising marketer’s expectations in finding a solution to the e-newsletter decline. I’ve already talked about ‘marketing and RSS’ a couple of months ago now, thanks to an article by Janis Mara on IAR, there’s the chance to further discuss the issue. It seems that in the US there’s a company, RSSAds, ready to launch a new online ad network. As the article’s author says tracking of content and ad viewing has always been one of RSS’s weak point, but RSSAds Ceo, Chad Williams claims that his company tracks ad views by means of a simple transparent image file. Whenever the RSS reader calls back to the server for the image, it counts as an ad impression. RSSAds are coming up with several ad serving pricing options: cost-per-click, cost-per-time-period, cost-per-insert and cost-per-thousand impressions models and pay-for-performance ads which is expected to become the most popular. It sounds interesting but also rather complicated. If it works, it’s probably a gold mine. If it doesn’t…

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