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Is RSS like the TiVo for the Internet?

on July 5, 2005 by Martina Comments

If you want to skip the ads, read your favorite news sites through RSS feeds. Maybe I should not write this, considering the fact I’m trying to sell advertising spaces here on Adverblog, but actually I’m just reporting one of the ideas that come out from this article on marketing and RSS on the New York Times. I don’t completely agree with the idea of regarding RSS as the Internet TiVo, however I believe this association isn’t totally wrong. We need to consider that news publishers usually provide only an abstract of the article in the feed, so if people want to read the full story, they have to click and visit the site where they will be exposed to the advertising messages. However, if one uses RSS just to “browse” the content of a news site instead of visiting the homepage, in this case RSS helps to avoid the ads and just get an overview of the articles, so it might be considered as the Internet TiVo. But don’t worry, since rss marketing is becoming an hot topic, advertisers are managing to show up also on feeds.

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