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Cadbury one for you and one for me

on November 2, 2009 by Martina Comments

Very often when we think about winning a (big) money prize we speak loud and declare that, if that would happen, we would give quite some money to a charity organization. In Canada Cadbury has decided to give us the possibility to actually keep our promise: win $ 100,000 for us and donate the same amount to a charity organization.

They setup an online contest that gives away several prizes (including the big money) to consumers and allows winners to automatically forward the same prize to charity organization of choice. Especially in the CPG industry, money based contests aren’t new and, most of all, don’t do much to build consumer loyalty. However, in this case, Cadbury gives us a good lesson in terms of corporate social responsibility and does an excellent job also in supporting its brands (Halls, Trident and Caramilk among the others).

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