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Mobile marketing in The Philippines

on January 17, 2005 by Martina Comments

I didn’t know The Philippines were the SMS capital of the world. Or at least this is Arthur Policarpio, CEO at of Global Wireless Connections (GWC) said. Of course his company is in the field and it’s trying to expand to Indonesia and Thailand. The article on ABS-CBNNEWS loses some of its interest because it’s too much focused on a single Company and doesn’t provide any details about recent campaigns. Anyway I always try to find a positive aspect, so I appreciate learning The Philippines are active in mobile marketing too Actually the best thing to note it’s at the end of the article, where the online magazine gives readers the chance to text back their comments sending an Sms. It’s good to have such an example of media integration, even if it doesn’t make much sense since it would be easier and faster to send an email…

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