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Twix Eaters Anonymous

on September 28, 2005 by Martina Comments

Erick sent me the link to the Twix Eaters Anonymous website, which offers online consults to teach people the importance of sharing their Twix. The site (in Dutch and English) provides some funny confessions of anonymous Twix eaters who received help to get past their greediness. Of course, Twix denies being behind this, but once you get on their Dutch website, the only content you find is actually a message saying they shouldn’t be held responsible for Twix Eaters Anonymous (TWA). At the end of the message, if you want to get further information on the TWA, you’re invited to click to visit the TWA website… The TWA idea is somehow nice (but I’m not sure it really makes me visiting the website again), but I would have expected something smarted to show/hide Twix is behind it. Generally speaking a good idea which could have been executed much better.

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