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Mosquito repelling ringtones

July 12, 2003 at 11:03 by Martina Comments

Someone says marketers are lacking creativity. Well, after reading today’s news on CNETAsia I have to dissent.
A brilliant (?!) marketer at SK Telecom, a Korean cell phone service provider, has invented a mosquito repelling tone. For 3,000 won (US$2.50), users can download a sound file which is inaudible to the human ear but helps ward off mosquitoes within a one-meter radius, the firm said.
Well, I don’t know if it works for mosquitos, but I’m sure this announcement creates a “buzz” :-)

2 Responses to Mosquito repelling ringtones

  1. aysathes says:

    Mosquito repelling ringtones

  2. B S N MURTHY says:

    I m not able to download the software for mosquitoes repellent ring tones.

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