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Panasonic new advergame

August 6, 2003 at 4:02 by Martina Comments

Sorry, I’ve missed an interesting link last week: Game Used to Promote Panasonic Products on iMediaconnection. It’s about the advergames used by Panasonic to promote its new Nitrix mini-system stereos. They will be featured as one of the primary highlights within the community Club Panasonic on Panasonic’s objective is to attract younger and hipper consumers.
As Gene Kelsey, vice president, general manager, Brand Strategy Group, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Co. explains on iMediaConnection:

“It was simply logical to create a racing game to play off the product’s cool factor and that is enough fun to generate a viral buzz and repeat traffic to the Panasonic Website.”

The advergames of the Nitrix Series Racing have been created by Renegade Marketing Group.

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