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Experience Mercedes-Benz online

August 20, 2003 at 8:33 by Martina Comments

Mercedes-Benz has just launched two microsites in 18 countries and 20 languages to promote two cars: Viano and Vito. Syzygy is the agency that has developed the German auto-maker new online presence and features on its Web site a press release commenting the branding campaign on the Internet. Sorry the press release is in German, I’ll do my best to translate the key points…
The project has been divided in two phases. In the introduction the visitors of the Vito microsite receive a first impression from the new car and an overview of the variety of the new transporter series. Starting from September 6th, the second phase will begin with further information and interactive features.
The sites offer background informations, interactive offers, animations and interviews. Furthermore users can download brochures, agree upon a test run or get in touch with a local dealer. In particular I like the idea of presenting inteviews with the people that have actually projected the car, I feel like it adds a human touch to the online experience.
The Viano microsite features an emotional approach as well, in order to target different prospect groups, appealing both to individualists and families.

One Response to Experience Mercedes-Benz online

  1. DANIEL LOZA says:

    We want to buy a Viano or Vito here in the US where should we look
    Thank you
    Philadelphia, PA, USA

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