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When the idea is invisible

on March 12, 2012 by Bridget Comments

It’s not often that you try to make your product invisible as part of your advertising. Dramatizing the new zero-emission technology, Mercedes literally made the car invisible to the environment through a pretty impressive cloaking effect.  I love it because the idea is simple, well executed and effective (so far it’s managed to get over 8 million people talking about F-CELL hydrogen fuel cells). Read more…

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A question of beauty

on May 12, 2009 by Martina Comments

In Germany, Scholz & Volkmer has created a new website for the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe, presented as an “object of desire”.

I very much like the creative idea of seeing the car through 30 different points of view even if this approach ends up being probably too focused on the car’s aesthetic rather than on its performance characteristics.

Read more…

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Mercedes promotes the new R-Class with rich media

on September 26, 2005 by Martina Comments

A car for rich people promote with rich media. Excuse my silly joke, but this is actually what MediaPost points out today talking about a new online campaign Mercedes is about to launch in the US to promote its R-Class luxury vehicle. The online agency which designed the ads is Critical Mass. They created a virtual avatar which enters the screen to delivered tailored sales pitch as a user clicks an ad. The innovative rich media will appear on and ideally it will help generating a more engaging online experience. A micro-site will of course support the campaign. I must say I’m always a little bit skeptical when I see things moving around my monitor but, of course, in this case things are different since the avatar shows up only if the user clicks on the ad.

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Get ready for Mercedes Benz World

on July 22, 2005 by Martina Comments

Mercedes Benz has recently launched two campaigns to target the British market. The first effort is dedicated to the new B-Class model which will arrive on the market at the beginning of September. Tv and print ads aim at building curiosity and driving traffic to the B-Class website. The second effort is inspired to Mercedes-Benz World, a new retail and leisure complex to be opened in Summer 2006 at Brooklands. The Mercedes village will include a top class hotel, exhibition and conference spaces, kids’ spaces, a restaurant as well as circuits for test drives. According to the description provided on Revolution Magazine, Mercedes-Benz World appears to be a large-scale experiential marketing effort to engage the entire family.

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Mercedes-Benz takes Armani on the Web

on October 16, 2003 by Martina Comments

Mercedes-Benz has taken Giorgio Armani’s exposition on the Web. A new micro-site features the itinerant exhibition produced by the Gugenheim Musum New York, and now showing in London. It shows approximately 400 creations of the Italian designer. It’s an interesting example of co-marketing, even though I found it rather plain and somehow sad in the way that it has been realized.

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Experience Mercedes-Benz online

on August 20, 2003 by Martina Comments

Mercedes-Benz has just launched two microsites in 18 countries and 20 languages to promote two cars: Viano and Vito. Syzygy is the agency that has developed the German auto-maker new online presence and features on its Web site a press release commenting the branding campaign on the Internet. Sorry the press release is in German, I’ll do my best to translate the key points… The project has been divided in two phases. In the introduction the visitors of the Vito microsite receive a first impression from the new car and an overview of the variety of the new transporter series. Starting from September 6th, the second phase will begin with further information and interactive features. The sites offer background informations, interactive offers, animations and interviews. Furthermore users can download brochures, agree upon a test run or get in touch with a local dealer. In particular I like the idea of presenting inteviews with the people that have actually projected the car, I feel like it adds a human touch to the online experience. The Viano microsite features an emotional approach as well, in order to target different prospect groups, appealing both to individualists and families.

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