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Spiderman 2 movie preview on Yahoo!

December 12, 2003 at 11:17 by Martina Comments

Columbia Pictures will launch Spiderman 2 on July 2nd 2004, but they will present a trailer preview this week on the Yahoo! network. As explained on PR Newswire the trailers will be shown on 13 different countries.
You can learn more about the movie at:

8 Responses to Spiderman 2 movie preview on Yahoo!

  1. Nicole Mattson says:

    I love spideeman

  2. Jeremias says:

    yo gustan movie Spiderman 2 execele cara igual
    Pd:quiero muchos muy cara linda y bueno

  3. joe dirte says:

    ya this movies would be cool but they should make number 3 with venom

  4. Israel Perales says:

    Spider- Man revela no s

  5. Taylor Sainthill says:

    My brother Matthew Sainthill is a big fan of Spiderman the old cartoons and the newer versions and especially of your movie spiderman the first real life version my little brother is very excited about your upcoming version of spiderman-2 he cant too see it in theatres.
    Matthew Sainthill!!

  6. tiger says:


  7. tiger says:


  8. kial says:

    i think the movie is going to be cool.

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