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Once again, the pop-up saga

January 26, 2004 at 3:51 by Martina Comments

Pop-ups, an eternal controversy. The Guardian gets back to the issue providing different points of view and a brief history of pop-ups. will pop-ups ever be stopped? Excellent question with (almost) no answer. The author of the article, Claire Murphy says:

“There are two arguments being floated about how the saga will evolve. Forrester Research believes that in a few years some websites will market themselves as being pop-up free, gambling the loss of ad revenue on the hope that they can make more money from subscriptions or banner ads. But Carat’s Horler has a more Machiavellian theory. “The technology exists for sites to detect when users have installed ad-blocking technology. If it’s basically a free site, what’s to stop the media owner automatically excluding that user?” Let battle commence …
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One Response to Once again, the pop-up saga

  1. jonathan says:

    Why would anybody block a user from visiting simply because they have a pop-up blocker? Especially since pop-ups and pop-unders do not perform as well as context-sensitive ads such as those from Google AdSense. There are so many pop-up blockers out there now, and so many users have them. I think they will just fall out of use and advertisers will have to find better, less-intrusive ways to get the visitors attention.

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