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The ringtones hit parade

February 10, 2004 at 4:01 by Martina Comments

The Mobile Entertainment Forum has announced that next March it will launch in the UK the first official ringtone chart which will be compiled by KPMG. Mobile music is becoming more and more important and the ringtone chart is surely a strong sign of an industry gaining independence and relevance. There’s a massive public interested in ringtones, presenting new revenue opportunities in mobile entertainment.
In the press release that explains the initiative, it’s interesting to read the opinion of KPMG�s Calum Chace who says:

“The Ringtones Chart will provide a benchmark for the industry as consumers deepen their love affair with mobile ringtones. As this chart evolves, it will track the convergence of fashion, fads and phones and it will highlight the commercial opportunity for the mobile music industry as more music is consumed in the form of ringtones.”
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