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vVisa “wise” internet marketing

February 26, 2004 at 8:38 by Martina Comments

In its case study presentation, iMediaconnection talks this week about Visa and its MSN minisite developed to target small-business owners. The site isn’t flashy but, according to Visa, it’s very effective in communicating the offer. The article is interesting also because it covers the theme of “co-branded” initiatives. Doug Fitzsimmons, Associate Creative Director, Tribal DDB Los Angeles , commented:

“Everybody wins with a strong co-branded site. The host gains content, the advertiser gains an audience. If it’s done well, both strengthen their brands by association and added value for their customers.”

One Response to vVisa “wise” internet marketing

  1. jonathan says:

    Crazy. Blogs are hitting the big-time. That’s VERY cool.

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