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SMS: humble but powerful

May 3, 2004 at 9:52 by Martina Comments

I was impressed by a sentence I read on The Age: “the mobile phone’s most humble application – SMS, or Short Message Service – has finally attracted the attention of big business”. I wasn’t surprised by the content itself but rather by the use of the adjective “humble” to define SMS. If you think about it, it’s true. SMS is just about 160 characters of text, something that isn’t complex at all if compared to MMS, mobile video, mobile games or whatever else you want to name.
A part from this initial consideration, the article is interesting, because it talks the potentials of wireless marketing in Australia.

One Response to SMS: humble but powerful

  1. Kuwaitii says:

    The mobile industry have forgotten what made SMS attractive..easy to use and cheap. Industry is constantly pushing technology to users hoping that some of it will stick, rather than understanding what users want from their phones, and then delivering that. The ignornace of what people do in their daily lives is staggering, and the industry as a whole is far to technology focused, rather than trying to understand what role they play in peoples lifstyles.

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