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What’s the value of online ads?

May 10, 2004 at 9:22 by Martina Comments

Bob Tedeschi tries to answer on The New York Times, quoting data provided by the IAB, analysts’ opinions and the example of Yahoo! which set up Consumer Direct, a new program intended to demonstratehow much Internet ads increase sales.

One Response to What’s the value of online ads?

  1. Brian Hess says:

    A bit of a double-edged sword … implying that the value of online ads is completely objective. :-)
    And this kind of thing still drives me to distraction: “Mr. Moore would not say which Purina brands were featured in the marketing efforts or which subsets of consumers were targeted. But he said the latest campaign involved ‘a brand that was undergoing a fairly significant repositioning effort, and the results we saw were encouraging.’”
    Well, see, if we were all a bit more forthcoming with our actual results, we wouldn’t have to rely on Yahoo! or the IAB for their studies, would we.

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