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It’s time for the “Digital Joy”

November 15, 2004 at 7:55 by Martina Comments

I’m sorry I can’t be positive when I read about such campaigns. I have nothing against Microsoft or Intel, I just believe the theme they have chosen is rather depressing. The “Digital Joy” concept summarizes the negative aspects of contemporary lifestyles. I don’t want the brands to take me back to the countryside, I’m perfectly aware of the technology’s pervasiness, and I couldn’t probably leave without my cell phone or my iBook. What I don’t like is the association of the concept of joy to the digital world that is around us. Let’s try to keep things simple and don’t celebrate the Big Brother becoming part of our lifes.
Ok, enough with boring personal comments, here is the link to the campaign description: the press release by Intel presenting the integrated marketing effort created by Deutsch.

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