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Opinions on AdSense image ads

June 2, 2005 at 12:55 by Martina Comments

At the end of April Google’s AdSense program started serving graphic banners in addition to the sponsored links service. Furthermore, AdSense advertisers now have the possibility to select the sites where they want their contextual ads to be served. Le Journal du Net (in French) has interviewed some French marketers to find out what they think about the new services.

Eric Sabbah, marketing director at Monster France said the job site will test the new format replacing the sponsored links with the banners. If the results will prove positive, than they will continue with a mix of the two models. However people like Mr Leprou of Fnac Direct, said they are not interested in online branding, being rather focused on the performance of the ads. So they want to pay for what they get immediately and not for what they might get in the future.

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