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Mobile advertising growing slooowly

June 17, 2005 at 4:24 by Martina Comments

Revenues from mobile advertising will capture 2% of the online ad spend, representing just 2% of the projected $47 billion online advertising spend in 2010. A new report by Strategy Analitics ( “Advertising on the Fourth Screen: Opt-In To Dominate Mobile Marketing Spend”) investigates the impact mobile phones will have on the advertising industry.
nokia6111.jpgWith the introduction of 3G more and more multimedia content is becoming available and this surely provides new opportunities for advertisers also. However there is still a lot of skepticism both in consumers and advertisers of the effectiveness of such tool. Many players are reluctant to enter the premium content delivery channel and users aren’t (yet?) ready to pay for branded content.

One Response to Mobile advertising growing slooowly

  1. gil says:

    anyone knows about a blog that discuss mobile advertising in the UK?

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