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The Cyber Lions winners

June 23, 2005 at 1:48 by Martina Comments

The full list of Cyber Lions winners is now available (download .pdf), let’s have a look at the entries that received the Gold.
Interone Worldwide (Germany) won with Mini Relauch in the websites automotive category.
Korean agency D.O.E.S. won in the travel, entertainment and leisure website category with “A Bittersweet Life” an online movie to promote a movie.
R/GA (US) confirmed doing excellent interactive stuffs for Nike with the Nike Lab Holiday site winning in the Sportswear, Fashion and Clothing category.
Dentsu (Japan) won with the FM Festival 2004 site in the websites Publications & Media category.
Taxi (Canada) was awarded for the best online advertising in the Automotive sector with the Black Sheep campaign for Mini Canada.
DDB Brazil won in the Online Advertising Travel, Entertainment & Leisure category for the Run campaign forCompanhia Atletica Gym. They also won in the Online Advertising Consumer Products & Services category with Just in Time for FedEx (superb!!).
Tequila\Brazil won with Tall for Adidas in the online Advertising Sportswear, Fashion & Clothing category.

Lowe Tesch (Sweden) won with Xtreme for 3 - Nec E616 Xtreme in the Online Advertising Consumer Products & Services category (Beethoven created an excellent sound design for this site ;-) .
In the category Other Interactive Communication Tools Viral Marketing: Email Marketing, the winner is Death Penalty by CP Comunicacion for Amnesty International.
Great Guns (UK) won with Kicking and Bingo for in the category ther Interactive Communication Tools Viral Marketing: Digital Video Spots for the Internet.
Mekanism (US) won the award for best interactive campaign with “The true adventures of Chad” for Sega.
Fuel Europe (The Netherlands) also received the gold for best interactive campaigns with “Life on Board” for Volvo. The award in this category was also assigend to Crispin Porter + Bogusky for Mini Counterfeit.

One Response to The Cyber Lions winners

  1. Stephano says:

    Did you see this crazy Ascis-Viral Gel.TV? It won bronze AND silver. Made by a _german_ Ad-Agency. Finally the krauts know about humor in advertising, I guess.
    cool blog btw!
    Greets from Spain

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