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Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2

on August 24, 2011 by Martina Comments

This campaign is quite a few months old, but it’s still worth sharing, as I believe it’s a super strong yet super controversial idea. The principle is simple: if your mother hates something then, if you are a 17 years old kid, you are probably gonna love it. So if you want to promote a violent video-game (Dead Space 2) in a market flooded with similar titles, why don’t you show moms disgusted and horrified by such video-game? Read more…

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12 trends from Cannes 2011

on July 4, 2011 by Martina Comments

The guys at The Social Practice put together a very nice deck that recaps the trends spotted at this year’s Cyber Lions in Cannes. Read more…

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Online creativity speaks Brazilian

on July 4, 2005 by Martina Comments

At the advertising festival in Cannes Brazilian agencies performed extremely well, especially in the Cyber Lions, where they won 25 of the 93 awards handed out (among the others DDB Brasil won the Grand Prix). The International Herald Tribune explores in an article the Brazilian online advertising phenomenon starting with a small polemic concerning the fact the head of the Cyberlions jury was a Brazilian, P.J. Pereira, creative director at AKQA San Francisco. Fortunately the column goes on focusing on facts rather than on gossip, providing us with a few good insights on the approach to advertising in Brazil. Money plays an important role: producing Tv ads is cheaper over there and there is also a better perception of the online advertising value for companies with small budgets.

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The Cyber Lions winners

on June 23, 2005 by Martina Comments

The full list of Cyber Lions winners is now available (download .pdf), let’s have a look at the entries that received the Gold. Interone Worldwide (Germany) won with Mini Relauch in the websites automotive category. Korean agency D.O.E.S. won in the travel, entertainment and leisure website category with “A Bittersweet Life” an online movie to promote a movie. R/GA (US) confirmed doing excellent interactive stuffs for Nike with the Nike Lab Holiday site winning in the Sportswear, Fashion and Clothing category. Dentsu (Japan) won with the FM Festival 2004 site in the websites Publications & Media category. Taxi (Canada) was awarded for the best online advertising in the Automotive sector with the Black Sheep campaign for Mini Canada.

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Cyberlions: the shortlisted campaigns

on June 21, 2005 by Martina Comments

The shortlisted entries for the Cyber Lions have been announced a few minutes ago. Agencies from Brazil, USA, the UK and Germany dominate the scene, but the battle for the awards is still very much open. I’m surprised to see Italy has four nominations.

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