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Manu Ginobili testimonial for Movistar

July 6, 2005 at 8:24 by Martina Comments

Mobile operator Movistar has signed a deal with the NBA champion Manu Ginobili who will now be the company’s testimonial in Argentina.
As pointed out on Brief Blog (in Spanish), the San Antonio Spurs player is very well known in Mexico and Spain where Movistar also operates, so it will probably make sense to “use” Manu’s image also in these countries.

2 Responses to Manu Ginobili testimonial for Movistar

  1. Matteo.Balzani says:

    IMHO it’s a very good choice! Playing in San Antonio Manu in very well known in the mexican area and winning the olympic gold with Argetina he’s an hero in his country. In addition he is a fresh, polite and simple guy, or at least he seemed to be like that when he used to play in Bologna. Go Manu!

  2. Live_U4 says:

    Despite of the decrease on B-Ball in Mexico after MJ’s Days, Manu is well followed by media. This is a result of the NBA’s aperture to foreign players. Spain, in my opinion, also offers coverage for Manu as a result of his championship and as part of the integration of hispanic players as Pau Gasol; same case in my country with Nájera.
    Maybe Manu is now the “Latino / Hispanic Sports Symbol”.

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