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Aprilia, does sex sell?

July 21, 2005 at 9:28 by Martina Comments

This ad by Aprilia by Burnett BGS for Aprilia (Italy) got my attention on the newspaper this morning. I find it difficult to understand whether I like it or not. From one perspective it makes me think “is female nudity the only way to sell men a scooter?”. Then I think it delivers well the message expressed in the tagline “On my scooter everything has to be perfect“. But at the end I believe it basically communicates the idea women are like objects and if your girlfriend is a little bit fat you won’t take her around.

What’s your opinion?

10 Responses to Aprilia, does sex sell?

  1. Matteo.Balzani says:

    my opinion is that Aprilia thinks a woman ass, expecially if nude, helps a lot selling everything! and, unfortunately, i think they don’t miss the point… :-S

  2. marco fossati says:

    It is worth a comment?

  3. Tim says:

    Agency’s has to be more creative in communicating with the targetgroup men,try thinking out side the box. But in this case the femalebody really expresses well what is stated in the tagline. And the agency could easialy make an ad with a nakedman body instad of a femalebody.

  4. Why a woman’s butt? Why not a man’s? A scooter driver can be a woman, or? This is a typical discriminating ad, like the old one’s selling cars with a lighlty dressed woman on the hood. I’m not really a moralist, but since the story asked the question…

  5. Tinus says:

    Sex is overused in marketing nowadays. I wouldn’t use it.

  6. Facu says:

    None of you get it because its an Italian ad. In the States “everyone” rides automobiles. In Europe and Southamerica scooters and motorcycle genre are used by lots of people.
    Now if you do have a motorcycle and a good one…its common knowledge that it´s a “sexy” thing. And if you´re taking a girl out on one imagine it as a Store Window where people see whats for sale. Of course everything MUST look good on my bike.. and if she´s leaning forward… i´ll tell any ass looks good.
    I think thats where the ad is pointing. Its not a super bike, but its making a statement as if it were.
    Its a bit sexist…maybe… so!?

  7. Vandy says:

    Facu … u r missing the point …. its a sexist pig of an ad … get it.
    The ad is trying hard to say small sexy asses look best on our teeny tiny scooter ….
    you must really be disgusted by the Dove firming lotion ads ….
    sorry Italians … there are real women on this planet .. for a change sell the product and get your head out of the delusional “howard stern/super model” gutter … embrace reality …
    if it was sexy and funny it would have good reason …but this isn’t funny ….
    its plain stupid.

  8. Anthony says:

    The ad is what we call “low hanging fruit”…. it requires NO effort of thought and goes for the “big easy” as for connecting with the target consumer. I enjoy looking at a well rounded/shaped woman’s bottom as much as the next guy (maybe even more) but this ad would only make me shake my head and say “they have got to be kidding”.

  9. That’s right!
    Everything has to be perfect on a bike, not only for the way a moto could appear with something imperfect on.
    It also is something connected to the deepest aspects of safety policy. When you’ve got a whale behind you, it should be much more dangerous for public safety!
    Aprilia’s ad it’s not so bad! Take care of something else, possibly IMPORTANT!
    Ah, I forgot, I’M ITALIAN… and as the biggest part of italians do, I really appreciate good-looking women…
    The only problem is they are not so frequent as any other woman should substain!
    Certainly absent in the USA…I mean, NATURAL WOMEN!

  10. camila says:

    I think this ad only contributes to the sickness of body perfection.

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