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The Mercedes-AMG online experience

August 9, 2005 at 4:02 by Martina Comments

Avenue A / Razorfish has created a new website for Mercedes-Benz AMG. Mercedes-AMG’s website takes users on an interactive drive of the AMG brand, automobiles and its unique headquarters in Affalterbach. The site’s design and handling mirrors the AMG racing driven experience. Scott Preacher, client partner of Avenue A / Razorfish East comments:

“Our goal was to build a web presence that clearly articulated the Mercedes-AMG brand while leveraging the latest in rich media technology. The new Mercedes-AMG website delivers a truly unique interactive experience — one that invites users to immerse themselves in the world of AMG automobiles.”

The site, available in English and German, is really nice and makes you perceive the Mercedes brand value. It makes a good use of video, but the sound design is rather poor. Don’t check the news section in the lounge, apparently no one tested it ;-)

One Response to The Mercedes-AMG online experience

  1. Another goof in this otherwise enjoyable site: Go to the showroom, you’ll see two models of cars. Click on the one on the right, then on “Exterior features,” then on “Retractable roof.”
    The car begins spinning wildly in a 360, and the copy below reads:
    “Roof copy here”
    Where is the QA on Avenue A? –RJ

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