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The Virgin Atlantic phobias

August 10, 2005 at 6:17 by Martina Comments

If when you fly you suffer of “Sansbarophobia”, “Rigamortaphobia” or “Inclinaphobia”, Virgin Atlantic has the cure for you.
Adrants points to an (or edutainment?) microsite created by Australian agency NetX to promote Virgin’s business class benefits. The site humorously highlights Virgin Atlantic in-flight features, presenting them as the “cure” for the most common flight phobias. Check it out, it’s excellent.

4 Responses to The Virgin Atlantic phobias

  1. Sticky says:

    Probably worth pointing out that the creative is actually done by Host/Glue Society and comes from a series of press ad executions.
    NetX is does alot of online production for Virgin brands (Money, Super, Airlines, Atlantic etc)

  2. Thank you very much for the info!

  3. Sean Ganann says:

    Yep, the overall phobias idea (and the illustrations) come from the card inserts done by Host/Glue Society so much credit to them. (, )
    We (NetX) wrote and produced the script and the self-help quiz format leveraging the offline assets.
    And we are indeed the online agency (full-service creative, media and production) for Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Credit Card, Virgin Superannuation and Virgin Blue here in Australia.

  4. Thanks guys, now we know everything about the agencies behind this excellent campaign. Congrats to everybody!

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