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Mobile users want mobile coupons

September 12, 2005 at 11:44 by Martina Comments

Mobile marketing is gaining popularity among marketers, but it will become a killer application only if not used as a stand-alone solution but rather if integrated in the marketing mix. From Germany two studies from the Instituts für Mobile Marketing (ifmm) and Carat Direct confirm more and more brands (81 percent, according to Carat) will adopt mobile marketing in the next three years. Cell phones users are reported to be favorable most of all to initiatives where they can get immediate discounts, aka mobile coupons.
For more information on the Carat Direct study, which I suspect is only in German, you can get in touch the Managing Director, Tina Beuchler, Tel. 0611/7399-560, For more info on the study by the Instituts für Mobile Marketing visit their website.

One Response to Mobile users want mobile coupons

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