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The Easycruise advergame

September 21, 2005 at 7:56 by Martina Comments

Advergames’ specialist Korb has just created an online challenge for EasyCruise, the new cheap cruising service launched by Stelios. The game tests your skills in docking a ship. Don’t expect anything special, actually I doubt people in the Easy target audience will actually give it a try for more than five minutes…

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One Response to The Easycruise advergame

  1. Pat Quirk says:

    Tried the Game More than 5 minutes…try 3 Days?
    The Docking program is like a gimme in the first two rounds. You just have to line the ship up into the wind, adjust angles, and give it throttle. Dont bump into the dock or graze another boat (Sunk…Sorry).
    Third round is parralel parking with wind blowing due west. Impossible manuever without a tug boat or two…Someone get me a ship’s pilot.

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