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Vatican angry over new Playstation ad

September 29, 2005 at 10:52 by Martina Comments

La Repubblica reports the Vatican got really angry after seeing the new Playstation ad appeared on Italian newspapers. The ad (see below) portrays a young man as Jesus Christ during his Passion, with a crown of thorns representing Playstation buttons. After the negative reaction of the Catholic Church, Sony apologized and immediately suspended the campaign.

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3 Responses to Vatican angry over new Playstation ad

  1. Todd W. says:

    It’s Sony, not the Vatican, that should be hopping mad about this ad. What exactly is the message being communicated here? Nothing related to PlayStation, as far as I can tell. Looks like an art director had this concept in his bottom drawer and finally found a gullible client willing to take it for a spin. All in all, a great example of content-free advertising.

  2. el panpir says:

    never suspend a campaign like that. just wonderful.

  3. Clemba says:

    So do you not think the son of God would play the PS2 should he arise again? I’m sure he’d rather play than watch ‘Jesus Christ SuperStar’ on DVD.

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