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Adidas Megaride, mega disappointment

October 5, 2005 at 9:51 by Martina Comments

Adidas is online with a pan-European campaign to promote its new shoe Megaride. Carat Interactive planned and created the ads currently appearing on the main European websites with young audiences. Daily Media reports the Megaride campaign is part of an online marketing effort Adidas has just started to prepare for the Germany 2006. In a couple of days it will debut with an online teaser focused on the strong relationship between football and the brand.
The Megaride minisite is currently online in 6 different languages but, to tell the truth it’s a rather disappointing experience. The interface is very crowded but eventually the only content available connected to the new shoe is a store locator and a 3-d presentation. Apparently the Megaride is a very innovative shoe but, to me, the website fails to communicate this basic message…

3 Responses to Adidas Megaride, mega disappointment

  1. Adidad? Did you catch a cold? ;-)
    Maybe they should learn by Nike in this field

  2. David says:

    What has the megaride shoe got to do with the adidas football campaign?, and what exactly is wrong with the site anyway,.. its functional and if you were looking to buy a pair would you really want more?,.. perhaps their brand communication resides elsewhere and not on the megariide site

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