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Infra-red mobile marketing

October 13, 2005 at 9:53 by Martina Comments

We recently talked about bluetooth marketing, and now it’s time to make another step ahead (or behind?) and say something of mobile marketing via infra-red. New Media Age (reg. req.) reports that currently in the UK the movie Goal! is being promoted with interactive bus shelters people can connect to via infra-red. By pointing the mobile phone to the interactive poster user can download the trailer, discover the plot and enter a competition to win a walk-on part in the sequel. The campaign was created by Feref Digital and planned by Carat.
No doubt that with the rise of portable multimedia devices, the digital outdoor media business is going to grow rather fast. I believe establishing a connection with a prospect at a bus shelter is a smart idea. The wait often increases our need for distraction, so we might be more receptive to branded entertainment.
However we should also keep in mind that not a lot of people are aware of their mobile phone functionalities, especially when it comes to bluetooth and infra-red so.

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