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Desperate Housewives, smart marketers

October 13, 2005 at 10:15 by Martina Comments

desperate.gifAnother brilliant gadget from Apple, the iPod video. And another brilliant marketing idea: Desperate Housewives and Lost episodes to be downloaded for just $1.99. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the next BIG thing. Shall we also tag it as “mobile marketing”?
[via Adrants]

2 Responses to Desperate Housewives, smart marketers

  1. The next BIG thing for mobile marketing already happened – the PSP and it’s two latest firmware updates:
    2.0 to allow for web browsing on the PSP via wifi
    2.5 allows consumers to access location free tv via wifi on their psp (like the slingplayer)
    The PSP hasn’t been available during a holiday season yet so wait for 2006 to be the big year for it…

  2. And I think the next evolution of this will be a docking station for my Tivo/Replay TV – at least that’s what I want for Christmas! Hopefully I can dock the PSP as well as the iPod Video!

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