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Buzz marketing ideas Adidas football

November 3, 2005 at 1:32 by Martina Comments

In France (via JDN), Adidas is generating buzz around its brand by targeting football fans with an integrated campaign. A website with some funny content featuring popular comedians Omar & Fred is at the center of the stage, but the campaign idea is to drive 15 to 24 years old guys to the Adidas stores around the country.
The concept (by JMS L’inconscient collectif) targets in particular the fans of Olympique Marseille (sponsored by Adidas). An email marketing campaign (currently with an amazing 96% opening rate) invites young people to visit the website, download a postcard, answer the questions it presents, and deliver it to the local Adidas store for the chance of winning tickets for OM matches.

One Response to Buzz marketing ideas Adidas football

  1. wm1974 says:

    Today I just found an Adidas Poster with Bluetooth Ad on it. It was in Strasbourg, France. I enabled Bluetooth but was not able to send or receive anything. Does anybody know what this poster does? How can I enable it?
    Here is a link to the picture:

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