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What women want (from mobile)

December 7, 2005 at 8:31 by Martina Comments

LimeLife has revealed the findings of a research examining the mobile motivations, usage patterns and content interests of women. LimeLife predicts that the number of women ages 15-45 who download mobile content will grow to 20 million by 2007.
1. The mobile phone initially serves as a “private line” for girls 16-17 then evolves to an “always with me connected buddy” during college years, gradually becoming more functional and ultimately beginning to serve as a “command central” for working moms and women pursuing careers.
2. Games are second only to ringtones for desired mobile downloads among women.
3. 67% of those surveyed showed strong interest in wallpapers made from “Photos I Take.” Further, the use of ringtones as “caller ID” identifiers is also representative of the importance of customization and personalization in mobile content for younger women. 69% of women surveyed, aged 18-22, have already downloaded one or more ringtones.
Although the research is obviously focused on mobile content, I believe marketers can also take great advantage of such fidings. If you know what women like, it is becomes easier (or at least, less difficult) to create the mobile marketing campaigns targeting them.

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